ShowFlow offers a wide range of features for modelling, simulation, statistics, analysis, animation and documentation. Select a category below for a feature overview or download the ShowFlow trial version to review all functionality.

Modelling elements

Queue, buffer, wait space, parking
Server, machine, operations, task, resource
Transport, vehicle, car, truck, train, AGV
Conveyor, transport belt
Warehouse, storage, storage location
Path, track, route, road
Reservoir, flow storage, controlled storage
Aid, operator, tool, shared resource
In/out, source/sink, entry/exit, start/stop

Standard element parameters

(product related) cycle time, entry/exit conditions, batch size, (product related) routing, costs, added value, breakdown, availability, x-y-z size & location, operator requirements

Element specific parameters

Queue: Order LIFO, FIFO, ascending/descending by attribute value
Conveyor: speed, length, spacing, curve, accumulation
Transport: speed, acceleration, deceleration, lift speed
Path: maximum allowed speed, curve, directions
Warehouse: rows, columns, cell size, locations
Reservoir: accept control levels, release control levels

Item routing definition

Fixed addresses, conditional addresses, product related addresses, user-defined routing rules, select statements

Element availability

Stochastic time related breakdown and repair, stochastic production related breakdown and repair, deterministic planned availability (work shifts, breaks, pauses, planned maintenance)

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Optimised Simulation Algorithm Technology (OSAT), fixed time simulation runs, variable time simulation runs, simulation stop conditions, progress by event single step mode, terminating simulations, non terminating simulations, discrete event simulation, forced timeslice evaluation

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Probability functions

Constant, uniform, normal, negative exponential, lognormal, erlang, empirical (user defined), gamma, weibull, triangular, beta, pearson type 5, pearson type 6, poisson, binomial, negative binomial, geometric, bernoulli, complex combined

Random generators

100 different generators, multiple assignment of single generator, antithetic random variables, common random numbers

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Input data analysis

Data set analysis, derive average and standard deviation, best-fit suggestion, graphical display of density functions, graphical display of distribution samples, Microsoft Excel connection for data input, flat text data input

Output data analysis

Queue graphs (queue length in time), queue histograms, wait time histograms, utilisation pies, element status diagrams, dynamic result display, user defined graphs, trace reports (listing of (selection of) events), status reports, cost reports, user defined reports, Microsoft Excel connection for data output


Warm-up period determination (welsh), sensitivity analysis, automatic simulation of alternatives, (user defined) performance indicators, confidence intervals (reliability/precision), subrun independency analysis (correlation plot/factor), subrun method, subrun + warm-up, separate runs, separate runs + warm-up

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2D full animation, 2D statistics animation, 3D wire animation, 3D solid animation, camera position, zoom, rotate, wide angle, light source position, parallel light, spot light, 2D scalable bitmaps, 2D icon editor, background bitmap editor, dynamic icons

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Automatic model documentation, sorted by functionality, sorted by element, simulation event trace reports, elements reports, input parameter value listing, user defined language report, print/edit/find/copy/paste functions of model documentation

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