Get the Best from ShowFlow Book

Stephen Webb is the managing director of Webb Systems Limited, distributor of ShowFlow simulation.  Steve has been using the software in various releases for over 15 years, and is one of the leading exponents of the package.  Over the years he has carried out numerous consulting projects in many different industries, from food to aerospace and from cardboard boxes to sprung mattresses! 

He has also carried out training in the use of ShowFlow simulation for many of his clients.

In this book he has set out to share the wealth of his experience of model building with ShowFlow. Using a conversational style, and including over 80 really hot tips, the reader cannot fail to benefit from dipping into this book whenever they have a simulation problem to resolve.

The book includes a free copy of the ShowFlow2 Student System on CD-Rom which also includes the source of many of the examples in the book.

The price is only 25, less than the cost of the free software included.